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Polat tarım

About Us

Polat Agriculture Inc.

Polat Tarım is a Polat Group Holding company. Our primary goal is to test and control the continuous system olive oil extraction machines produced by Polat Makine A.Ş. In other words, Polat Tarım is also an R&D facility of Polat Makine A.Ş.

Over time grew by 20 acres of olive pressing part of the Parker farm house is set on land, olive filling section, prune plants section and has become the largest facility in the region prune drying section, comprised of a combination of four plant .. Our facility at the same venue all four plants in Turkey It is the first company to be a fully integrated facility due to its operation.

Olive Squeezing Plant
The olive squeezing section is the largest facility in the region with a capacity of 270 tons with 3 machines of 90 tons. In our facility, the olives brought by the producer are squeezed in the most hygienic conditions in the same day without human touch, and the olive oil is delivered to the customer. In this facility, early harvest olive oils and natural extra virgin olive oils are produced with cold pressing technique and normal pressing according to the customer’s request.
Olive Oil Filling Facility
In our olive oil filling facility, with our fully automatic and semi-automatic filling lines, under the control of food engineers, the olive squeezing department is purchased by the producer and directly packaging is done in its most natural form. Our products are delivered directly from the producer to the consumer in the most hygienic state. However, in our foreign sales, we prepare in this facility and ship to the relevant countries.
Pomace Processing Plant
Our pomace recycling facility operates fully automatically with a daily capacity of 1100 tons / 24 hours. After re-processing the pomace we buy from other companies, the remaining oils are removed and refined, and then they are sold abroad through export companies for export. Later, the pomace oil from which the pomace is taken is going to the drying facility and dried there and sold as fuel to various companies in bulk and bagged form.